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Hi there! I am here again to introduce a revolutionary and best ever gaming controller, the Playstation5 DualSense controller, which I promise to the playstation lovers that they would go into a new future of gaming. Before starting, I want to make you know that we regularly publish high quality content on playstation5, so stay tuned, allow notifications and join our mailing list. So now, Let’s get started!

As I told you that PS5 controller is a future of gaming controllers and best one. It has many new features that make it attractive, gradually we will get to know all of them.

Introduction to DualSense controller:

After what feels like years of making do with technical scraps and rumors, we finally have some concrete PlayStation5 news. The new controller for the system has called the DualSense and incorporates a host of new features and is mostly white for some reason. It’s safe to say no one was expecting that outside of this oddity.

There are plenty of reasons to be excited for the PlayStation5 controller. In this article, we’re going to break down all the new info surrounding the DualSense and infer some of our own findings.

Trust us, now that you know what you’ll be holding on to, you’re definitely going to want to get your hands on a P.S. five. First off, we need to talk about all the new tech packed into this controller.


The P.S.5 DualSense has a built-In microphone, so you won’t have to use a headset to chat with people in online games. You can still use a headset, but it doesn’t look like the DualSense has a traditional audiojack. So you’ll probably need a Bluetooth headset if you haven’t upgraded already.

Next up is the use of what Sony calls Haptic Feedback. Basically, this is the tech that makes it harder to push a button, squeeze a trigger or move an analog stick depending on what’s going on in the game.

The idea here is that games will feel more immersive, If you can get a physical sensation from your character drawing a bow or wading through some thick mud, whether or not this pans out is yet to be seen. But it’s kind of fun that Sony basically leaned into the theme park board theater experience.

There’s the charging port also. It’s pretty likely that the DualSense will use a USB-C cable to charge. This board is quickly becoming the standard for most devices and means you won’t have to keep flipping the cable to get it to fit.

This was easily one of the most frustrating elements of PS4 DualShock controller. Also, the Nintendo switch uses a U.S.B-C to charge. So now one can finally say that the Playstation5 will at the very least match the switches hardware performance.

A new multifunctional ‘Create’ Button

All right, it looks like the P.S.5 controller ditched the dedicated share button that helped to define the PS4 controller. Sony promises that these share features still exists, but the button is replaced with a more general create button.

Sony will detail the features tied to this button at a later date, but the name suggests that it will be tied to multiple functions. It could allow a player to create a screenshot, a short video, etc., even if streaming is basically replaced, sharing gameplay on social media platforms. Sony will definitely keep those features around for a while.

The DualSense still retains the PS4 dualShock TouchPad, but now it’s white. In fact, the majority of the controller is white, leading many to believe that white will be the primary color of the PlayStation5 system.

The light bar that first appeared on the PS4 controller also wraps around the touchpad instead of just appearing on the underside of the device.

This new look breaks the all black color scheme that’s defined Sony controllers since the PlayStation2. That makes sense, then, that some fans are pushing back against it.

Some viral info on internet:

There are already photos of an all-black PS5 controller floating around without the splash of white. It’s pretty striking how much the P.S. five controller looks like the previous model, although it’s been reported that the P.S. five controller is a bit bigger than the PS4 controller.

Considering this and its sleeker design, it feels like an even more Grown-Up controller that is set to match the high performing system.


All in all, it’s clear that the dual sense isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel when it comes to video game controllers. While fans will argue about which system has the best controller for as long as video games exist.

Sony has been nailing their controllers for a while now. The DualSense seems like it’ll be a sleeker version of past Sony controllers to fit the sleeker system.

Can we infer much about the PlayStation5 system from its controller, though? Not really. Well, it will likely have a USB port or two to charge the controller and offer a wired connection.

That’s all we can say with any kind of certainty. It is odd, though, that Sony would dub some major information about their upcoming console without much warning or fanfare.

Sony’s marketing effort for the PlayStation5, have been pretty perplexing so far. And it looks like this trend will continue regardless.

There’s definitely more hype surrounding the P.S. five now than, there was a few days ago, and the gamers are hungry for more.

We can only hope that Sony finally kicks their marketing campaign for the console into high gear. And we can finally learn with this part of the next generation of gaming has in store for all of us.

Well, then, what do you think of the PlayStation five dual sense controller? Do you like the color scheme or will you pick up a custom all black version? Please let us know in the comments down below and subscribe to our newsletter.

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